5 Weird Things You Could Bet On In 2021
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5 Weird Things You Could Bet On In 2021

The fundamentals of betting have barely changed over the years but the methods keep advancing, thanks to modern technology. There’s no longer a necessity to go anywhere to put a bet on an event, everything could be done from the comfort of someone’s home, in addition to on the move, as long as you are needing a smartphone. While no one could have called the awful circumstances that plunged the planet into a stay-at-home philosophy, it has worked out fairly well on a betting front as punts may still be produced from just about anywhere.

Of course, matters are much better today, with areas using reopened and vaccines coming out. The world was in a much darker place just a year ago and there was not even much to bet on, whether you knew how to do it in your home. Online casinos came to the rescue, though, allowing gamblers to play no end of matches by a computer or cell phone.

Sports are back for a little while now, with games playing across all areas on a dailybasis. Odds are flowing again and bettors are taking full advantage by whatever means that provides the maximum accessibility or relaxation. Other technological improvements have made gambling even simpler, with free tools like odds convertors and arbitrage calculators in anybody’s disposal.

Sports such as soccer, horse racing, and basketball have been available for gambling on for as long as gambling has been around but there are certain things you could bet on this, perhaps, you might have never believed possible. We will take a look at some of those right below.

There are several people who think there’s life out there in outer space. Who knows? They could be right. Who are we to say we’re alone in the world? In any case, you could put a bet on intelligent extra-terrestrial lifeforms being found later on. You may have to do a little searching but there are a couple of sportsbooks that offer odds on whether or not proof of life in outer space could possibly surface.

There have been innumerable claims of UFO sightings over the years but, up to now, nobody has been able to demonstrate it. If it ever comes to this, though, we imagine there are tons of individuals who’ll be cashing out. Needless to say, they might not care about the cash should the alien life turn out to be evil.

Wife Carrying

Sounds like a gentlemanly thing to do ? Especially if it’s over a puddle of water. Wife carrying is actually a sport that’s been around in Northern Europe for a little while and bet on in Ireland. Paddy Power provides odds on wife-carrying on the market.

The title is pretty self-explanatory. Contestants don’t actually have to be married to the person they’re carrying but they need to acquire through various challenging barriers to win the match. Other countries like Estonia, Australia, and Finland are big on spouse carrying, together with Finland the home of the Wife Carrying World Championship.

Yeah, you read that properly and, as it happens, ferrets aren’t even the only creatures that might be used to get bingo functions. Apparently, cow patty bingo is a thing too.

Where the ferret variant is concerned, folks bring their pet ferrets into the meet, they are placed in mazes and also the first ferret to create its way from their bespoke hodgepodge is declared the winner. It’s true, you could bet with this — but you’ll have to do a bit of digging to find a sportsbook presenting chances on the odd sport.

In terms of cow patty bingo, this one’s more like roulette compared to bingo. It functions by audiences observing cattle out at a marked field and betting on the spot they’ll opt to relieve themselves .

The following Pope

Spiritual folk should probably steer clear of this one. But if you are on the outside looking in and elaborate a bet on who another Vatican leader is going to be, then you may have a crack in it. It is probably the most difficult bet you will ever have to place but the payout might be life-changing in case it turns out that you’re right.

Not certain why some bookie would offer odds on such a thing. But if you’re keen on giving money away, you may as well. It’s guaranteed to be the one bet you’re never going to accumulate on, if you win big or never.

Just how does one get compensated on a wager pertaining to the conclusion of the world should life suddenly fail to exist? If you find such odds on any bookmaker’s website, it should function as a warning signal.

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